In the WORMS system, the tibiofemoral joint is subdivided into 10 different subregions for scoring of each feature. Readings from all subregions were amalgamated within the knee.14 Agreement between observers ( statistic) for the detection of the MRI features was as follows: cartilage damage 0.89; meniscal lesions 0.71; osteophytes 0.73; ligamentous lesions 0.49; bone marrow lesions 0.85; subchondral cysts 0.57; and synovitis 0.63. The relatively low value of for ligamentous lesions was because few knees had ligamentous lesions in the reliability sample.Cartilage damage was considered present if there was a small focal loss less than 1 cm in greatest width or areas of diffuse partial or full thickness loss (WORMS grade 2).

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