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Aspokesperson for Momentum said:’Darren Cullen, a satirical artist, illustrator and artist produced this artwork with Veterans for Peace UK in order to highlight the horrors of war, including the detrimental physical and mental impact it has on soldiers, especially teenagers. It was featured on Darren Cullen’s stall at The World Transformed, which he had on Sunday. Momentum intended no offence or disrespect to members of the Armed Forces.’.

One of the simplest tools is called „random entry.” The concept is simple and straightforward. You can do this by yourself or with a brainstorming team. The team concept is the more effective and works best with 8 12 people. There have been a couple of times where I’ve done events and I’ve actually said, 'I can see you being horrified that people lived like this and titillated by it, but it’s actually my life.’ Also, it’s still going on.

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